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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Space Wolf Codex Review: Special Characters

Hi again, and welcome to the second part of the Codex Review. This section will deal with Special Characters; specifically the HQ choices and not upgrade SCs like Lukas, for they shall be covered in their unit entries.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Space Wolves Codex Review: HQs

As with all Space Marine HQ sections, the codex offers a choice between killy and support HQs. Where the Wolves differ is in how these are implemented. This section of the review details non-SC headquarters models, and what they can do for you.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Branching out: Fantasy + Blood Claw Tactica

Greetings. I am going to branch out into fantasy as well, and acquire some dedicated fantasy authors. I understand this will be ...interesting... for a "40k blog" but I am sure we can pull it off; however I would like your opinion on whether I should. Anyway, the meat of this post will focus on Blood Claws, so lets crack on!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wolf Scouts 1

Greetings fellow Sons of Russ, and welcome to yet another post about the Wulfkin. This post will be about those touched by The Great Lone Wolf, Lokyar; the Wolf Scouts, and also about their tactical and psychological advantages.

Greetings Internet!

Elhi'Ahcolee here, writing a good old introductory post. Hopefully I'll be writing a fair few articles here on the blog, work and time permitting, which will be of light tone and may require you to find a dictionary once or twice, because long seldom used words are awfully fun to use.

So a small bit about myself I suppose, I've been into 40K since about 2003, although the first thing I played as a young boy back then was the old 'Space Crusade' board game, this inevitably lead me into the Tabletop hobby, back in good old Fourth Edition! I even dragged a few friends in with me too. Since those far gone days I've played a multitude of different armies and own a small contingent from about every force. Tactically I play for the fun, I rarely use vehicles as I can't resist a good infantry or cavalry charge. My first army being Chaos I've gained a devious persuasion from Tzeentch, often muttering "Just as Planned" or quietly scheming with every player around the board.

Anyway, glad to be here and hope to write many articles on a variety of subjects.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Death Company vs Death Cult Assassins round two

In recognition of my co-author's first post regarding SoB, and how one of their elites -the Death Cult Assassins- smash a Death Company unit into the ground, I wish to show how they may win. I will do an equal points example, then will try and adjust his example DC unit, and see how they fare without altering points. This will be hard, but I will endeavour to show tactics and unit composition that may make it easier.

SoB brief codex highlights

Sisters of Battle: Codex highlights
This is just a list of some of the highlights that I think there are in the White Dwarf SoB codex:
First and most certainly foremost Saint Celestine full of mostly win for her cost, as far as I or anyone else that I know can tell. All they’ve done is upped her stats and almost halved her cost from the previous Dex, WS 7 BS 7 I 7 (which I think makes Miraculous Intervention all the better) 5 attacks base; however only T3.
Miraculous Intervention is AWESOME; when she dies, on a 4+ she gets back up with d3 wounds. Now once she gets up, she can charge into combat with 6 i7 attacks, meaning she will pretty much always get her attacks before she gets killed again. Furthermore, her ardent blade gets a flamer template at str 5 ap 4 before charging again.
(Also note in the FAQ it states that if she is removed from play, she still can get back up on a 4+)